ICO, or Initial Coin Offering (initial placement of tokens) is the release by any project of coupons, or tokens intended to pay for the services of the site in the future - in the form of cryptocurrency


Hello everyone! I want to share with you a new interesting project, the project is not a classic HYIP and is dedicated to investing in IPO and ICO. To make it clearer:
  • ICO, or Initial Coin Offering (initial placement of tokens) is the release by any project of coupons, or tokens intended to pay for the services of the site in the future - in the form of cryptocurrency
  • Initial public offering, initial public offering, IPO ([ah-pi-oh], also rarely [ipo]; from English Initial Public Offering) - the first public sale of shares of a joint-stock company, including in the form of sale of depositary receipts for shares, unlimited number of persons. The sale of shares can be carried out both by placing an additional issue of shares by open subscription, and by publicly selling shares of an existing issue.

👀So let's get down to the review:

The project started at the end of 2020, but only by the spring of 2021 the work on writing the code and all the necessary algorithms was completed and its own cryptocurrency GreenCoin (G70) was released, since then many tests have been carried out and finally the project is ready to offer absolutely all people with any provide yourself with money with passive income, develop along with the platform and, most importantly, qualitatively change your life. The platform honestly surprised me, before us is not just a well-designed project, but a whole ecosystem with its own social network and good protection of personal data. The design is worked out to the smallest detail. The creator of the project and the cryptocurrency does not hide his face:

His name is Alexey Makarov - he is the founder of the Internet platform G70.online and the creator of the GreenCoin cryptocurrency
Since 2014 he has been investing in cryptocurrencies. Since 2018, he has been investing in an IPO - an initial public offering of companies on the stock market.

📬 Here are his contacts, you can ask him your questions yourself, he will be happy to answer:

🏦Company T.A.G - Tactical Adventure Games (hereinafter “T.A.G”), registered in the state of Saint Lucia on June 11, 2021, registration number 2021 / B800, legal address: Girard, Babonneau, Castries, SAINT LUCIA, is the copyright holder of the site https://g70.club 


Project start: June 11, 2021
Script: undefined
Hosting: beget
IP address:
IP not used in other projects
NS server: ns1.beget.com; ns2.beget.com; ns1.beget.pro; ns2.beget.pro

🧐Before analyzing marketing, I want to tell you a little about the G70 coin:

GreenCoin (G70) — it is a resilient cryptocurrency modeled on the Ethereum structure. It is a decentralized peer-to-peer transactional currency designed to offer a solution to the problematic exponential growth of energy consumed by Bitcoin and other POW currencies. ☝️ POW is environmentally unsustainable due to the electricity used by powerful mining equipment. GreenCoin uses an energy efficient POS algorithm, meaning the coin can be mined on any computer and never requires special mining hardware. The green protocol offers a simple solution to Bitcoin's sustainability issues and provides a faster and more scalable blockchain that is better suited for day-to-day transaction use.💪🏼 🏦Project g70.club itself is implemented as a single decentralized virtual machine. GreenCoin price will gradually increase, the more people connect to the platform, the higher the token price will be📈Rate growth algorithm: For every 7000 coins sold, the rate increases by an average of 5%🔥 All GreenCoin emissions are 80% distributed among the members of our platform. This is one of the important signs of coin decentralization, when the cryptocurrency is in the hands of users, not developers. Only platform users can initiate the issue of new G70 coins by staking according to a preprogrammed Crowdsale contract. And no one is able to influence this process, even the developers. The issue of new coins is limited to 10'000'000 "G70". How the coin works: 50% of the funds are sent to add liquidity on the exchange, each time increasing the cost of liquidity, we increase the value of the coin. 50% are sent to work for traders and analysts, to enter the IPO and ICO of various companies, all the proceeds are returned back to GreenCoin, thereby increasing the share of the money supply per coin unit, which in turn also increases the cost and provides everything necessary for stable staking. 🤓As you guessed, the profitability in the project will come from staking GreenCoin.

💳There are 3 types of deposits for you:

Total profitability 6% per month

Total profitability 15% per month, for 6 months

Total profitability 10% per month, for 6 months

Along with the rise in the price of the token, the profitability is not bad at all

The growth of the GreenCoin token rate, since the contract was written, in 3 months was 33%.

For 💰large investors💰, there are individual conditions for the purchase of GreenCoin coins.

  • Minimum entry $ 5000
  • Sales start - June 09, 2021.
  • Final sales - January 30, 2023.
  • The first 150 days a bonus + 20% to the investment amount.
  • The second 150 days a bonus of + 10% to the investment amount.
  • Third 150 days bonus + 5% to the investment amount.
  • Last 150 days bonus + 2% to the investment amount.

The purchase of G70 coins is carried out through a special 👉bot👈 in telegram:

The bot offers to either contact support or buy coins.

To buy coins, choose / pokupka, the bot offers to make a payment using five types of cryptocurrency: bitcoin, ethereum, TUSD trc20/erc20, tron

We choose USDT trc20 because of the minimum commission and speed of transactions, the bot gives us the wallet number and asks how many coins we want to purchase:

We quickly receive the required amount for sending, make a transfer, drop the screen or transaction number and enter our login on the platform:

And after 21 minutes we have our G70 on the main balance of the platform

Well pretty fast

After that, on the website, go to the Staking section
🥳We decided to try our luck at staking rate 1.0


Click "+ Make a deposit"

Enter the amount, confirm

Pay from the main balance

⚠️The main body of coins is not available for withdrawal for the duration of the staking, but replenishment of the deposit for any amount is available, and payments are available for withdrawal immediately after accrual, you can withdraw from 10 coins, you will receive your deposit back after the deposit period expires! You can also close the deposit at any time, but you will lose 25% of the body of the deposit!⚠️To withdraw funds, go to the main balance and click the withdrawal of funds

Please note that there is a withdrawal both in cryptocurrency and immediately to a bank card of the Russian Federation. Manual withdrawal during working hours from 8:00 to 20:00 Moscow time every day, in fact it takes a couple of hours👍

👨‍👦‍👦Referral program ten levels deep:

  • 3% of the deposit amount and the income of your direct referral.
  • 1% of the amount of replenishment and income of a referral of 2-10 levels.

The Android application is already available!💪🏼 It is currently in closed testing and will soon be available in PlayMarket. IOS app is under active development. There is also information that the announcement of its own p2p exchange is scheduled for early October!

We decided to take part in this project with pleasure and we think that this well-thought-out project will perfectly suit our portfolio for diversifying the risks associated with our activities😜.

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