Let’s start with what HYIP means – it is a highly profitable investment program, the profit of which exceeds the income from accruals on the deposit in the bank.

Looking through hundreds of ways to make money on the Internet, you 99% will come across HYIPs, what a “HYIP project” is and we will figure it out.
Let’s start with what HYIP means – it is a highly profitable investment program, the profit of which exceeds the income from accruals on the deposit in the bank.
Wikipedia gives a more critical meaning to the term, although it also has a right to life, equating it with financial pyramids and fraudulent schemes.
In fact, the very definition of the concept of HYIP funds in English does not describe fraudulent schemes in any way. Literal translation testifies only to a highly profitable investment program. Everyone was attracted to scammers for a number of reasons:
  • 99% of companies actually use the Ponzi scheme (pyramid);
  • payments are made from new receipts;
  • everywhere there is an end to payments, which means a HYIP project is a scam.

Types of HYIPs by category

It is impossible to describe in a few paragraphs all the details on HYIP funds from the past, therefore there is so much information on this blog on this topic. Let us return from examples to what types of projects HYIP projects have adopted, because Wikipedia does not provide such information. Years of experience and analysis allowed us to classify investment programs according to a variety of criteria.


The first classification is “by profitability”. Types of HYIP sites bring from a fraction of a percent to hundreds of percent per day. Each has its own characteristics and characteristics, thanks to which you can determine the long-term prospects for working with the direction. Introducing the table.
Low-income – Take the form of serious companies, usually with office activities and a bunch of events with influencers. Characterized by an income of up to 15% per month. Recently, the category has become practically irrelevant, although earlier companies could work for years, paying money to the investor. The activity can be based on a real product or a partially active business.
Mid-income – The most abundant category, characterized by monthly income ranging from 15% to 60%. Previously, it was so that mid-income HYIP projects did not show signs of low-income ones. Now all the signs, except for profitability, have migrated here: offices, legal expertise, presentations, events, opinion leaders, etc. Popularity is earned due to increased income, stable marketing with prospects and work practice for up to several years.
Highly profitable – A risky type of HYIP, because it is a highly profitable program with a high level of profit. These include solutions that bring at least 60% of the profit per month. Funds with documents or sophisticated preparation are rare. Promotion among MLM leaders or networkers is also unlikely. They do not work for long, but the working admins know how to give hundreds of percent of the net profit.
Fast HYIPs – We learned about HYIP projects and what they are, fasts can still be attributed here, although we would equate them more with gambling. Fast HYIP can bring from 100% to 200% per day and allows you to invest every day. It is almost impossible to work with such a percentage, even if you are a genius. It is recommended to pass by such sites, because it looks like Russian roulette more than a way to make money through investments.

HYIP forms

HYIP funds are regularly evolving, due to which their new forms appear. Often it is impossible for the user to determine whether it is a hype in front of him or not. The creators are “perverted”, showing ingenuity in combination with the search for original investment solutions. Making a contribution, a person may not even be aware that he is a HYIP investor.


The older generation will immediately associate with the cult film “The Matrix”, but let’s see what this hype project can do. The HYIP program operates on a pyramid scheme by attracting new funds through an affiliate program. The affiliate program motivates participants to share the link and earn extra money. A bonus is awarded for the referral’s deposit. The matrix, on the other hand, does not have a fixed passive income, but is represented by a single affiliate program for all, where the reward can go up to 100% of the partner’s contribution.
Filling the levels in depth, a matrix is ​​formed, after which a transition to a more profitable level takes place. Levels are often referred to as “tables”. You can make money on this type of HYIP very quickly, up to the invitation of only 1 participant. There are also overflows – a person may not independently invite referrals, but receive partners from higher-ranking people, because their tables will overflow, because they have a limited number of seats.
Note that such a HYIP solution makes it possible to earn an unlimited amount of money in a short time. On the other hand, there is no passive fixed income – you need to actively invite people.

Economic games

In search engines, people search for this type of HYIP with the phrase “money withdrawal games”. The creators do not pursue the goal of creating a company and do not promise anything to anyone. The work takes place by filling the cash register through the gameplay. A typical game is played in any of its forms, where you need to buy something in order to sell it in the HYIP game and withdraw money to your wallet. There is an affiliate program and a fixed percentage of profit. They also add a lot of ways to make money without investments to ensure the influx of “freeloaders” and attract the attention of advertisers.

MLM games

Types of HYIPs in the MLM games category can take the form of absolutely any highly profitable decision. Usually HYIP projects do not have a “legend” – declared activity. Everything has been beaten with some kind of unusual marketing with an original idea, the goal of which is to make money quickly.


Mutual aid fund

Probably the longest-term investment decisions in the industry are mutual funds. Everything is organized so that the participants provide for themselves. Interaction takes place according to the slogan “I earned myself – help others earn money.” The platform operates on the fact that the HYIP is regularly filled with funds at the users’ will in order to help others and loop the process of generating a profit.
The directions have been functioning for years. The idea is based not on promoting the company, but on regular contributions, thanks to which everyone will receive the declared percentage of profit.
Representatives of the category of mutual funds are long-livers. According to the terms of work, not one HYIP project could even come close to the results.

Live queue

One of the most risky types of HYIPs is live queues. The process of making money is as follows:
  • An investment platform is launched
  • The launch of HYIP is announced to a huge number of people
  • Participants make contributions and stand in a live queue, one after another
  • The former profit from the latter
  • Those who made a profit can again stand in line
  • The queue stops moving over time


In fact, a live queue can be compared to the sale of Apple appliances with a 90% discount, which everyone knows about. As long as the product remains on the shelves, people can make money on resale or simply save money. Sooner or later everything will be sorted out, so the last HYIP participants remain at a loss.

HYIPs of cryptocurrencies

Category representatives are startups or mining companies. Analyzing each company, it becomes clear to an experienced hypper that this is a HYIP project on the Internet. In fact, a small part of the admins are partially running a real business with mining equipment. The topic of cryptocurrencies excites many, so the topic is attractive and can manifest itself in any kind of cryptocurrency HYIPs.

Smart contracts

Smart contracts are new generation HYIP solutions. In practice, the tool is the most reliable of all of the above. The probability that money will not be stolen is 99.9%. The scheme is reliable thanks to cryptocurrency blockchain algorithms, the code of which cannot be rewritten after downloading. The smart contract independently distributes investors’ funds for the agreed marketing. No one can affect performance. Hyip will work as long as there are at least a few cents on the wallet balance.

The uniqueness of HYIP marketing

The success of HYIP directly depends on marketing – a strategic approach to payments and charges. The main role is played by the experience of the creators, because its absence generates losses for both investors and “green admins”. We already understood what profitability means for HYIP projects. Next, we will consider the different implementation of marketing, regardless of income level.
Piggy bank – This is a HYIP, implying the ability to withdraw the body of the deposit at any time. The deposit is not frozen and can be withdrawn at any time. The interest is also displayed without restrictions, so the investor receives the net profit almost immediately after the investment.
Hourly – Profit is accrued hourly in equal portions. The platform often does not work with large amounts: $ 100 or $ 500 is the ceiling. Hyip pays for the costs in a day and allows you to withdraw money during the day, as a rule, withdrawal requests are also accepted every hour.
Doublers – 100% we can say that the HYIP program is the most highly profitable and actually equates to a lottery. They offer to make a deposit for a day and after 24 hours get 2 times more money. It’s too difficult for even the most experienced fund-makers to make money.
Guerrillas – Hype guerrillas have a boring design, usually a script template. Marketing is organized in such a way as to attract little or no attention from investors. The goal is to work out as long as possible in silence in order to build a reputation over the years and change clothes. The affiliate program traditionally offers only 1-2%.


It is difficult to choose a HYIP, this requires knowledge and many years of experience. Whether to participate in HYIPs is an equally difficult question, because a highly profitable program has risks of losing money. Earnings are quite stable with proper planning and analysis, although for many this method is fraudulent. You can equate the direction with financial pyramids, because in practice it is.
The meaning of the word “HYIP” in 90% of the cases is identical to the concept of “highly profitable investments”. The direction brings millions of dollars in profits and losses to investors. It is sometimes impossible to define a company as a real or fraudulent pyramid scheme. People do not pay attention to the signs, chasing money, due to which the turnover is so high. We figured out what a HYIP project is, everyone will determine the value for humanity independently.

Good luck, team!

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