Hello friends! Did you hear (or see) “HYIP RCB”? BlogHYIP think if you are HYIP investor you may hear (or see) it less than once, this is really common in HYIP industry, you can see on HYIP Monitors like: 1600% RCB , 2000% RCB or 3000% RCB or on HYIP Blogs and on famous HYIP forums like TalkGold, MoneyMakerGroup, DreamTeamMoney and more, so what does Refback (RCB) mean?

What is Refback (RCB) HYIP?
Refback (RCB) stands for R eferral C ommission B ack (Refund Roses Introduction). Referral Commission is the commission for referring subscribers directly from the link of BlogHYIP (Downline) when investing in the project that Blog reviews.

Refback (RCB) is a similar form of refund from purchases. Fully understood, a refund is a partial refund of the amount from your purchase to your own account, respectively, a Refback (RCB) is a partial refund of the amount from your deposit .

So what is the advantage of RCB (Refund)?
Cashback allows you to break even faster
With the refund, the Net Profit from the project is increased
How to calculate RCB
Example: Your deposit for project X is 200$ . BlogHYIP RCB 5%

=> RCB money you get = 200 x 5% = 10$

How to get RCB ?
To receive RCB money, you need to use Blog’s referral link for any project that Blog reviews to register an account and open an investment package.
Leave a comment on the comment form on each review (with information: Username/Email, Investment amount, PM/Payeer Wallet). See details on how to comment on the Review HERE
How long does it take to pay RCB?
RCB transfer time within 24 hours after request to receive rcb
Within 2 days you need to send a request to receive rcb, if it is more than 2 days, BlogHYIP will not RCB for you.

Good luck