BhbGroup just officially launched yesterday – 25th August, and mainly provides long term deposit plans. I invested $500 yesterday and will add more when money will be back in other projects this week. According to its website, it is an industrial holding company that unites a group of manufacturing, financial and high technology companies. Including BHB Gold, BHB Technologies, APP BHB and BHB FinTech:

BHB Gold is a company that mines, processes and sells Grade 1 Gems. They are developing emerald, sapphire, ruby and diamond deposits in Afghanistan and Africa. The BHB Gold portfolio includes gemstone cutting and jewellery manufacturing facilities in Dubai and Antalya, and official jewellery show rooms in Istanbul and Antalya.
BHB Technology is a company that develops industrial and financial IT solutions. They own a network of currency exchange desks in Istanbul and Antalya and co-operate on a number of NFT development projects.
APP BHB stands for BHB Technologies’ business line of implementing industrial IT solitions and developing software for all BHB Group factories.

BHB FinTech is an investment fund that manages and distributes BHB Group cash flows. At a certain stage of development, in decided to become open to everybody and now offers you a number of investment opportunities that guarantee 18%-27% monthly return on deposits.


0.7% daily for 330 days; 0.8% daily for 340 days; 0.88% daily for 350 days; 0.99% daily for 360 days;
Min. deposit
Min. withdrawal
Payout type
Affiliate program
5% to 15%-5%-2%-1.5%-1%-1%-0.5%-0.5%
Payment systems


Domain register 
Jun 29, 2021 – Jun 29, 2022
Registered for 1 year
Script undefined
IP-address (United States / Chicago)
IP not used in other projects
NS servers,
Free SSL valid from 29 Aug, 2021 to 27 Nov, 2021 – Let’s Encrypt

Investment Plans

  • Ruby: deposit $100-$2500, earn 0.7% daily for 330 days and principal included
  • Saphire: deposit $2501-$15000, earn 0.8% daily for 340 days and principal included
  • Emerald: deposit $15001-$50000, earn 0.88% daily for 350 days and principal included
  • Diamond: deposit $50001-$150000, earn 0.99% daily for 360 days and principal included

Level and Referral Commissions


  • $2500 personal deposit
  • Personal Sales: 5%


  • First line sales volume: $2500
  • Total diamond sales volume in the first three lines: 3
  • Status closure premium 2 BRILLIANT: +$50
  • Personal Sales: 6%-1%


  • First line sales volume: $5000
  • Total turnover: $10000
  • Total diamond sales volume in the first three lines: 5
  • Status closure premium 3 BRILLIANT: +$150
  • Personal Sales: 7%-2%-1%
  • Income on income: 3%


  • First line sales volume: $7500
  • Total turnover: $20000
  • Total diamond sales volume in the first three lines: 10
  • Status closure premium 4 BRILLIANT: +$300
  • Personal Sales: 8%-2.5%-1%
  • Income on income: 6%-3%


  • First line sales volume: $10000
  • Total turnover: $50000
  • Total diamond sales volume in the first three lines: 15
  • Status closure premium 5 BRILLIANT: +$500
  • Personal Sales: 9%-3%-1%-1%
  • Income on income: 6%-3%-2%


  • First line sales volume: $15000
  • Total turnover: $100000
  • Total diamond sales volume in the first three lines: 30
  • Status closure premium 6 BRILLIANT: +$1000
  • Personal Sales: 10%-3%-1.5%-1.5%
  • Income on income: 6%-3%-2%-2%


  • First line sales volume: $25000
  • Total turnover: $250000
  • Total diamond sales volume in the first three lines: 75
  • Status closure premium 7 BRILLIANT: +$1500
  • Personal Sales: 11%-3.5%-2%-1.5%-1%
  • Income on income: 6%-3%-2%-2%-1%


  • First line sales volume: $75000
  • Total turnover: $750000
  • Total diamond sales volume in the first three lines: 100
  • Status closure premium 7 BRILLIANT: +$3000
  • Personal Sales: 12%-4%-2%-1.5%-1%-1%
  • Income on income: 6%-3%-2%-2%-1%-1%


  • First line sales volume: $100000
  • Total turnover: $2000000
  • Total diamond sales volume in the first three lines: 125
  • Status closure premium 9 BRILLIANT: +$5000
  • Personal Sales: 13%-4.5%-2%-1.5%-1%-1%-0.5
  • Income on income: 6%-3%-2%-2%-1%-1%-0.5%


  • First line sales volume: $150000
  • Total turnover: $5000000
  • Total diamond sales volume in the first three lines: 200
  • Status closure premium 10 BRILLIANT: +$10000
  • Personal Sales: 15%-5%-2%-1.5%-1%-1%-0.5-0.5%
  • Income on income: 6%-3%-2%-2%-1%-1%-0.5%-0.5%

Quick Start Bonus

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Mentor Bonus

When your partner reaches another status in the system within 7 days, you receive 5% of their one-time open status reward. This offer applies up to level 4 of the system.

Volume Bonus

If the total system volume increases by 3% or more for a given day, the daily payout from the personal deposit is increased for the following day.

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How to invest?

❶ Click this link to register an account :

❷ Login your account. Click “Wallet” button → type into replenish amount, such as $1000 → click “Deposit” button to transfer money:

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❸ Click “Investments” button → Click “Show packages” button:

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❹ Click the “Select package” button

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  • Newly launched project – started on 25th August (join early may have more opportunity to earn more, more deposit plans will be online during next months)
  • Reasonable profits for deposit plans and promotional rewards system (it is not so easy to earn huge commissions if you don’t have promotional abilities, I like such mechanism)
  • It launched an offline meeting in Turkey two days ago. They have their own showrooms with jewelry.
  • BHBGroup attracts promotional leaders’ attention already, and I hope it will be a potential program

development plan a leader told me

08/22/2021 launch of an investment package $ 100- $ 2 500

09/20/2021 launch of a jewelry store

10/01/2021 launch of an investment package $ 2 501- $ 15 000

11/01/2021 launch of the “Gadget” program

11/15/2021 new year promotion 50% discount on products for all customers

12/01/2021 launch of the “Auto” program

10/01.2022 launch of the investment package $ 15,001 – $ 50,000

02/01/2022 launch of the sales warehouse

03/01/2022 launch of an investment package $ 50,001 – $ 150,000

04/01/2022 launch of the program “Home”

05/01/2022 launch of a new investment area

06/01/2022 launch of the Travel program




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Good luck

Mã nhúng

Risk reminder

Any investment carries risks and the investor should always take this into account, as for this company, it is no exception. As a rule, the risks are always proportional to the profitability and the higher the percentage offered by the project, the higher the probability of incurring losses. Highly profitable projects have increased risks, because they offer serious profitability, so I recommend following certain rules

  • Remember to diversify and do not invest all your money in one investment vehicle. It is more reasonable to distribute the available funds across several projects in order to reduce risks.
  • When investing in a highly profitable fund, be prepared for the fact that there is a high probability of losing money. Therefore, do not use borrowed funds and those amounts, the loss of which will play a big role for you.
  • Withdraw profit from the project as often as possible (daily, hourly) in accordance with the tariff conditions offered by the project! Make the decision to reinvest without emotion, weighing the pros and cons. And remember the main rule of the investor: It is better to lose profit than to lose your deposit.

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