ZeniQ Review : Making money with the Safir Technologies project


The epidemic is causing cities to have to distance themselves, so online money-making projects are sought by everyone. The most prominent at this time is the SAFIR project with Zeniq Coin, which is attended by the digital currency community of more than 50 countries around the world. In just 1 week of introduction and official launch, it has created fomo in the international community.

So what is Zeniq coin? What is Zeniq Ecosystem? Who is Safir Global DMCC and how is it connected to Zeniq coin? Join BlogHYIP to learn about the project through the following article.

What is SAFIR Technologies?

SAFIR  is a technology solutions provider for businesses based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Safir develops a blockchain network to manage digital assets to help businesses transact and pay globally with  Zeniq Coin  with lightning speed as well as maximum security with the security protocol on the ZENIQ HUB wallet  .

What is special about Zeniq Technologies?
Zeniq Technologies offers its customers a unique ecosystem and seamlessly connects crypto wallets with IBAN accounts. You can use all crypto assets in the ecosystem through your ZENIQ Hub, best secured by yourself.

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Safir Global DMCC is a well-known IT hardware provider in UAE, serving IT Hardware and Software related services to help businesses meet their digital currency development needs.

Information about Zeniq Coin

ZENIQ Coin  is a new coin created with the ZENIQ blockchain to support the financial ecosystem as a means of profit sharing through the added value created by ZENIQ Exchange. At the same time, ZENIQ Coin will also be used in the future to carry out real and profitable projects, with additional listings on international exchanges.

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The expected value growth of ZENIQ coin is linked not only to daily ZENIQ profit sharing, but also to future ZENIQ projects and as a means of payment for products and services. services in the ZENIQ . ecosystem

About Zeniq HUB

At first  SAFIR  consisted of  ZENIQ Coin  for profit generating and  ZENIQ HUB  for digital asset management storage. When buying an investment package, the system will mine coins and return it to your zeniq hub wallet.

Features of Zeniq Hub:

  • Decentralized wallet
  • Trade Crypto and Cryptocurrencies in Real Time
  • Crypto and fiat payments for online payments and shopping (at “POS” – point of sale)
  • Private and safe
  • Private wallet on your smartphone or other smart device of your choice
  • Smartphone paired with ZENIQ HUB
  • Simple operation – suitable for the masses – intuitive to use.

How to participate in making money with Safir-Zeniq

To participate in making money from the Safir project, you need to create an account by following these steps:

Step 1: Sign up for an account

Registration link:  https://safir.com/register

Then fill in the information as shown in the image below:

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Step 2: Verify email

After registration, you will receive an account verification email

Press  confirm  then log in to the safir homepage.

Step 3: Sign in

Go to the homepage, then click on the ” BACKOFFICE ” button to log in.

How to participate in Safir investment?

To buy the SAFIR investment package, you need to deposit money in your wallet and then proceed to buy the package. Supported coins include: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Eurocoin, Ethereum, Litecoin.

When buying an investment package, the system will mine and return Zeniq coin daily to your wallet.

How to top up

Access the wallet section ->>  Deposit  then proceed to top up:

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I will guide you to deposit with ETH because of fast processing. Click on the wallet address to copy then proceed to transfer ETH to this wallet,

After about 5 minutes, the system will automatically convert to EURO for you to buy investment packages.

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Buy investment package Safir-Zeniq

Access the Shop section then choose an investment package

Choose an investment package according to your capital

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Those with small capital can choose the Safir Minting Share package with a minimum package of $ 100.


Profits of mining packages will be transferred directly to your zeniq coin wallet by the system. This amount can be withdrawn at any time or you hold and wait for the price to increase to maximize profits.

How to withdraw money

When you get Zeniq coin you can withdraw to Pankeswap or Uniswap and withdraw money to your bank account.

Profit when investing Safir Minting

When buying an investment package, the system will dig coins and pay profits by the number of Zeniq coins mined straight to your wallet. Profits of Safir Minting investment packages are as follows:

  • The 100 EUR package will allow you to mine an average of 1.5 zeniq coins/day
  • The 150 EUR package will allow you to mine on average 2 zeniq coins/day
  • The 250 EUR package will allow you to mine an average of 5 zeniq coins/day
  • The 450 EUR package will allow you to mine an average of 12 zeniq coins/day
  • The 800 EUR package will allow you to mine an average of 25 zeniq coins/day
  • The 1499 EUR package will allow you to mine an average of 40 zeniq coins/day

You can start with high pack because high pack get more coins because coin price is still low 1 coin = 0.24$. Currently Thuan tops up 10,000$ and buys many packages to maximize profits. The daily profit is transferred directly to Zeniq coin wallet and you can withdraw to pankeswap, Uniswap or convert to BTC, ETH, LITECOIN to withdraw to your bank account.

Member referral commission

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Safir pays a commission for you to introduce new members to buy a mining package as follows:

  • F1 Direct Referral: 9%
  • F2 Intro: 8%
  • F3 Intro: 7%
  • F4 Intro: 6%
  • Intro F5: 5%
  • Intro F6: 4%
  • Intro F7: 3%
  • Intro F8: 2%
  • F9 Intro: 1%

Thus, when you refer a member, you will receive 9% of the total deposit. If the customer also refers someone else, you get 8% more. Roses up to 15 floors

In addition, you also receive an additional % of zeniqcoin that customers mine every day. This coin is also transferred to the wallet every day.


Through the above article, you have learned about good money-making investment projects during this time. This project is estimated to run for about 2 years until the listing of zeniq coin on the exchange. With the profit when buying the investment package and the 15 tier referral commission + the profit from the referral’s mined coins, with the small capital package you can also make billions from the increase in the coin price as well as development. sustainable system.

To receive refback, please go to our telegram refback_bot or comment below with the following information:
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Your PM wallet
Refback time within 24 hours. After receiving the refback from BlogHYIP, if possible, please take a moment to Rating and feedback. Thanks
Good luck
Mã nhúng

Risk reminder

Any investment carries risks and the investor should always take this into account, as for this company, it is no exception. As a rule, the risks are always proportional to the profitability and the higher the percentage offered by the project, the higher the probability of incurring losses. Highly profitable projects have increased risks, because they offer serious profitability, so I recommend following certain rules

  • Remember to diversify and do not invest all your money in one investment vehicle. It is more reasonable to distribute the available funds across several projects in order to reduce risks.
  • When investing in a highly profitable fund, be prepared for the fact that there is a high probability of losing money. Therefore, do not use borrowed funds and those amounts, the loss of which will play a big role for you.
  • Withdraw profit from the project as often as possible (daily, hourly) in accordance with the tariff conditions offered by the project! Make the decision to reinvest without emotion, weighing the pros and cons. And remember the main rule of the investor: It is better to lose profit than to lose your deposit.

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